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Grepolis is a strategy online mmo game set in Greek mythology. Although the game is developed by InnoGames, a German browser webgame developer and publisher, the game Grepolis has been integrated into many fresh elements, or what is more exact is Grepolis has been modified and improved based on the west browser game culture, but inherits the special Greek myth.


First when you register an account, you will be allowed to select where you are born from what the system offer, North-west, North East, South West, South East and Random location.

At the beginning it’s important that you increase your resource production by building a timber camp and a quarry. Click on the Senate to construct the buildings.

In the Senate you have the opportunity to construct and expand buildings. Now expand your timber camp so that you can produce more resources.



The overview interface is not so cool, but much like what InnoGames has created before, Like the west, and the interface is permeated with the environment of Medieval Ages and the people, the architecture, and production.

Like all other German browser game, you need to upgrade  a premium account before you become more stronger.



the administrator supports you during the development and organization of a huge empire. You can place more construction orders and he will prepare many overviews for you.


The merchant optimizes your economic cycles, he increases your resource production by 30%.

high priestess

The high priestess has an especially good relationship to the Gods. She increases your favor production by 50% and supports your mythical units. They fight 20% more strongly

The commander enjoys the highest regard among your troops. he is able to increase your troops motivation even further. The land units fight 20% more strongly.

The canptain is an experienced seafarer who has already defeated many enemy fleets. His experience is a valuable enhancement of your naval battle force. the Naval units fight 20% more strongly.

Below is the basic gaming help, handson, and walkthrough. Hopefully, that will help.



“To brave men, the prizes that war offers are liberty and fame” – Lycurgus of Sparta

The exploitation of resources form the base for the ascent of your Polis to a powerful island power. In Grepolis, there are 4 resources – 3 normal types and 1 special type. The normal resources consist of wood, stone and silver coins. The mythical Pantheon in ancient Greece played a large role and because of this the fourth resource is the divine favour of the Gods. For all units and building, you require resources. You get the resources automatically through your mines (lumberjack, quarry, silver mine) or the temple (divine favor). Resources are produced constantly even if you are not logged into your account.

The amount of resources you receive per hour depends on the size of your buildings. In order that the produced resources do not get lost, you require a warehouse that is as large as possible. The notice describing how large your warehouse is and how many raw materials are therein, you will find in the upper right corner of the page.

The number under the warehouse symbol indicates to you how many resources that your warehouse can store. This number is the total amount of each of the normal resources. The numbers to the left indicate how much of the respective resource is currently in the warehouse.
First Steps

In the beginning, your city requires one thing above all others: Resources. The lumberjack produces wood, the quarry produces stone and the silver mine produces silver coins. The favor that the Gods will grant you in the course of the game is very important, but in the very first steps, it is unnecessary. The further you expand the production buildings, the higher your hourly production becomes. This expansion is of primary importance and on that you should focus your attention in the first few days.

Next to the resource production and also the security of your city as soon this will be an urgent task. In the end you want to protect your freshly acquired resources from the greedy hands of your neighbors. They can steal them with an attack. The warehouse offers some aid here. The higher the level that the warehouse is, the more resources that you can store and therefore protect against marauding hostile troops. You should make use of this possibility especially if there are other strong cities on your island. In addition you should expand your city wall. Already these few steps should suffice during the beginning phase to protect your Polis and cause damage to a greedy aggressor.

After the Polis’ production reaches a level you are happy with you should begin to produce troops and also begin trading. With a barracks, you can train swordsmen. These are not ideally suited for attacks, but they offer the possibility to raid very weak players or demand tribute from farm villages.

You should also be concerned with becoming a member in a strong alliance. Joined together players can have better defences and promote trade. In addition you become acquainted here with nice people. To join an existing alliance in your vicinity, more sense makes than as a novice establishing a new one.
Late Start

Should you get into a late game phase of a world adapting your strategy is important. A fast resource production plays an important role so that the construction of the Polis quickly is completed. It is also of the utmost importance that you should protect yourself against the raids of your neighbors. To prevent the loss of your resources expand your city wall and the warehouse Then produce a couple of units to defend your city. It makes good sense to write to your neighbors – a good contact with them can save you against hopeless battles as you ally together. If your Polis has become largely enough you should try to capture some resources. Captured resources can greatly aid the expansion of your Polis.

Soon the biggest difference to the normal construction sequence comes: Do not commit the mistake to quickly leave your island boundaries to set off on colonial ships. It logically appears that this is the next stage in expansion. It is however an embarrassing mistake, because strong players will first try to secure their cities in your area in order to have in the course of the game a better strategic position. If you invest your raw materials only in building an offensive, you are an easy target for these players! They have the possibility from this to inflict high losses on attackers and in turn take few losses themselves.

The best strategy that there is consists of the construction one strong defensive Polis, containing a garrison of numerous swordsmen and archers. You will be for the large players an unattractive target. If they constantly have high losses in your city, they will usually stop attacking.

This phase of building asecure position costs you some time but brings a bonus because as you will be able to utilize the defensive troops again and again. If you now have a healthy defense, you can prepare your expansion and begin the construction of offensive troops.
City Survey

The city survey delivers important information about your Polis as a separate view. So you can see there: the building steps; the current resource production; troops present in the city and your current troop movements.

The graphic representation of the buildings changes according to their extension level, you can recognize with a quick glance how far your Polis has developed. Next to the increasing size your buildings reach also attain a specific style with the increasing extension levels. This reflects indirectly the wealth of your city.

With a click on the individual buildings, you are brought into the respective building menu and can use their internal options For example building ships in the harbor or conducting research in the academy.
Renaming your Polis

You can rename your Polis easily. Click on the banner above the city survey that displays the current city name. After that you can enter and save the new name.
Construct Buildings

If you want to construct or expand a building, you must click on the senate and then click on the “extension on level X”. You must have the correct quantity of wood, stone and silver coins to build. The amount needed depends on the type and the extension level of the building. The larger you want to make the building, the more resources you require for the extension level.

In addition the construction of many of the buildings in Grepolis have a dependence upon the extension levels of other buildings. For example you can only construct a market place if your warehouse and your cave have already reached a certain size. In the senate these prerequisites are indicated next to the resource costs.
Construct Units

You can train units in Grepolis in your barracks. The first available unit that can be trained is the swordsman, a simple defensive unit not to be underestimated. During the course of the game, you can conduct research in the academy and can then construct other units such as: archers; slingers; Hoplites; Cavalry and Catapults.

Once you have constructed a temple, chosen a God and produced some divine favor points you can then in the barracks train mythical units of your chosen God. They are superior to the normal units in the strength but their cost is expensive and also use the divine favor resource.

In your harbor, you can construct naval units. You begin with carrier ships and can later also construct: Bireme; Fire Ships; Demolition Ships, Trireme; and Colony Ships according to extension level of the harbor and research stage in your academy. The latter are prerequisite for gaining other cities. If you worship Poseidon, you can construct the hydra in the harbor, a mythical being that is the strongest ranged water unit strongest.

In the unit survey, you find a short description which outlines the prerequisites for production and strengths of the units.
Farm Villages

You are not alone on your island. In addition to other players you will find a multitude of farm villages as neighbors. A smart contact with them can give you ample resources resources, that you can utilize especially at the beginning very well. To gain the resources of the surrounding farm villages for you must send troops to demand tribute.

So functions that farms of farmer villages: Attack in the island survey a farmer village in your vicinity and would select demand the options resources. Depending, how many troops you send, they bring you more or less many raw materials into your Polis. The farm village will react to being asked for tribute and eventuall will get annoyed by your demands. The approval values of the farm villages falls after each demand that you make. You start with an approval value of 70 percent. Eventually you run the risk that there will be a revolt puts life of your troops in danger.

It is best to regularly demand tribute from these villages in order to grow quickly. This creates a problem as the approval rating drops and you must react to this problem. You should try to attack different farm village on your island. You can increase the approval value when your troops perform civil works. They help the farm village in the erection of civil buildings, drainage of fields and harvesting crops. For you, this means that your troops are bound a time long outside of the city without receiving resources for the invested time. Long-term this benefical work brings you better resources from the villages.

Basically this simple formula applies to the farm villages: The more troops you send and the higher the approval values of the farmer village is, the more resources the farm village gives to you.
Game Goal

The Goal of the Game is to live out the dream of the average greek, to become a hero! You must conquer your enemies, destroy your foes and gain the ultimate favor of the gods!

35 Comments on Grepolis


  1. Joseph the king says:

    how do you get gold????

  2. Patrick1464 says:

    you need to pay real money to get it

  3. WATERGOD981 says:

    How do you name your city???

    I want to call mine “Lord Poseidons water city

  4. k says:

    is there any cheats to get resorce with out having to wait

  5. y says:

    how to created soldier

  6. lool says:

    guys … you are really nubs …. log on the game and do the tutorial

  7. nils mehlhorn says:

    i would like to know if there is any site where i can find the activity et progression of 1 player,like for other game….

  8. elaina says:

    reply Patrick1464
    no you dont. you can refer friends. or play the game

  9. elaina says:

    lool :
    guys … you are really nubs …. log on the game and do the tutorial
    VA:F [1.9.1_1087]please wait…Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)VA:F [1.9.1_1087]Vote Saved. New Rating: 1


  10. help ! says:

    please can you tell me how i can use the divine power ?

  11. king alex928 says:

    there are no cheats in grepolis rlly ya just gotta play it to understand it…
    man beginning in grepolis is boring but with some manticores… :)

  12. king alex928 says:

    you can change the name of your city at the oversight in the upper left corner

  13. king alex928 says:

    some guys on this site really suck at this game man… like lool and i are the only ones who did the tutorial, by the way, sorry when my english really sucks, its cuz om from holland and im playing the dutch version…

  14. Mage says:

    What is the best troop to get?

  15. ceone says:

    The thing to know is to get a jump start on leveling your senate next you start to level your warehouse and then the rest is up tp you

  16. ceone says:

    and the best troop is probably the chariot, because its got good armor, attack, and speed.

  17. Betsy says:

    The Grepolis community is operated by a a group of staff who suffer from a severe form of nepotism. There is no concept of freedom of expression whether in-game or on the forums. Players beware!

  18. Foggy says:

    reply WATERGOD981

    Move your cursor over curent name and click on it,you should then be able to erase and replace.

  19. Pos3id0n says:

    kingalex, u and lool aren’t the only ones who did the tutorial. i did as well and im clearing out my neighbours resources 5 at once

  20. alexandewe says:

    Are there any cheats for the barracks?

  21. a says:

    is there any cheats for resources

  22. YOUR ALL MORONS! says:


  23. lol so many noobs says:

    there are too many noobs here -_-

  24. PARTSGUY92 says:

    1. No log off, being attacked off-line without possibility of responding, Priceless.
    2. Spending months building and wake up to find you lost almost everything, Priceless.
    3. Lack of communication between alliance members other then spending a half-hour fumbling through the in game forum, Priceless.

    They call this a strategic game? How can one perform a strategy when one is OFF-LINE.
    Just GARBAGE

  25. Gordon Ruah says:

    The game is thoroughly biased in its set up. Moderators play the game. There has been cases where moderators change topics of post critical to their alliances and friends in game, belittling the other players. Two sets of rules, one for friends of moderators and one for everyone else.

    I do not recommend this game. It is amateur at best, downright crappy at worst.

  26. 0477282317 says:

    slecht spel

  27. Arne says:

    I’ve just started playing grepolis and I googled for a walkthrough and found this. This is awesome; just what I needed to start my adventure ;)

  28. lezhot name says:

    thanks for the good work

  29. Narcissa says:

    Ok im on the attacking farming villages tutorial, and i can’t get to step 8. i close out all windows just like step 7 said, and now it won’t tell me what to do next, and I can’t get nowhere in the game because of that. Can anyone help?

  30. Warlord of blood says:

    You don’t need to do any of the tutorials. The tutorials are by your free will. But what I don’t understand is why doesn’t it go further. Mabie you close the tutorial window as well?

  31. Warlord of blood says:

    O and BTW tutorials only give you some presents at the end.

  32. Warlord of blood says:

    P.S. The game is OK, but you musn’t “fuck the player’s mother” or anything, cause if he is stronger and will kill you probably. Get friends. If you are going to play in the world Byzantium, Eisenfaust ally is here to help you. Offcourse if you are active, and to join us, must have more than 1000 points and be loyal. So… that is that.

  33. Warlord of blood says:

    :) :’( :P :( :/ :\ hehe



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