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Allods Online Review
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Allods, the title from Russia, now hosted by Gpatato, set a new standard for free to play MMORPGs, or did it? In this review, I’ll describe my journy to level 40 and rate the aspects of Allods online, and ultimately tell the readers why I decided to quit.

Overview: The fatigue system was something that definately caught my eye. You can only use a certain amount of fatigue a day ( each day it resets ). Think of fatigue as “extra” EXP, but in reality its a must, and its foolish to level without it. This system is obviously put in place to stop power leveling to level 40 and benefiting the casual gamer. Being a casual gamer, this was a plus. The game is heavily quest based, if done right, you’ll only have to grind a little at the late 30s. Allods adopted the classic, faction vs faction theme that many other MMOs have taken on. ( one of the main reasons it gets compared to WoW ). The two factions are The Empire, the “evil” side and The League, the nature loving, tree hugger faction. Now to get the review started.

Graphics: 9/10: Loved the graphics. Very crisp and well done, armor and weapons are well detailed. Places are very distinct and interesting. A lot of thought went into the graphics in Allods and enhances the experience to level 40. Skill animations are near perfect and very interesting to watch.

Music: 9/10: Good music nowadays is hard to come by in an MMORPG, in Allods the music is actually very ear pleasing and not as redundant as a lot of MMOs at there. Whether it be eerie music in a dungeon or a nice wooden fiddle in the woods, the music makes you feel amersed in the world of Allods.

Customization: 7/10: Customization has never been that big of an issue for me in MMOs, hair and face styles always seem to look very similar from a distance, and in Allods that doesnt change. The game gives several options of changing hair, hair color, height, and added features, like earings etc.

Community: 8/10: The community at lower levels, like most MMOs, is immature and annoying. As you level, however, you’ll notice a drastic change in the community and its refreshing. The community is VERY helpful, the higher level players don’t hold themselves above you and most likely help you if you ask them for help. The GMs hold random and scheduled events often and are, most the time, helpful.

Class/Races: 8/10: Theres eight classes in Allods, all VERY distinct from one another, each with their own unique spin on their mechanics. There are six races in all in Allods, three specific to the league, Humans, elves, Giberlings, and three specific to the Empire, Orcs, Artisians, and basic humans. Certain classes are limited to certain races. Each race has their special “race skill” unique to their race. For example, the Orc Warden obtains a skill that allows them to share damage with their pets, while Kanian Wardens obtain a fear spell for their pet. Unfortunately, like in most MMORPGS, the more classes you have the more room there is for balance issues, Allods is no exception. The game is based off a system that every class has an advantage over 3 other classes, sadly it doesn’t work like that. Healers are the most overpowered class in Allods and with the new patch arriving nothing seems to be changing for them. Wardens remain and will remain the most underpowered class in Allods. I guess thats what drove me to pick the warden class to hit lvl 40 with.

PVE: 7/10: The instances in Allods are harder than their recomended levels. The first instance League players will experience, is one called Oreshek and is advised to do at level 10, by the game anyway. Sadly you can’t form a party full of level 10s to run the instance. Most poeple wil find a higher level player to run instances for them since running them the way their supposed to be is just near impossible and time consuming. The quests in Allods all follow a well developed story line and if the player takes time to read the quests they can actually be very entertaining and even sad.

PVP: 5/10: The reason I gave it a 5/10 was simply because of the balance issues and the horrible ganking of higher lvls on lower ones. At lvl 22-24 the player will travel to an allod named, Asee Teph, where its an open pvp leveling zone so is every zone after Asee Teph. Sadly this “questing zone” is full of level 40 players running around looking for some even lvl pvp and don’t have a problem wacking a lowbie aside if they come across one. Natural right? The problem begins when the higher levels only purpose for being there is to kill people ~18 lvls below them. The pvp system in Allods is rather garbage in my opinion. The player cannot be attacked if his/her Flag of War is off, simple right? Wait…Allods offers a system of warbanners. Warbanners randomly drop off monster kills and when raised, gives you a dmg increase and allows you to attack players of the opposite faction whether or not their flag is on or off. When you see a warbanner its advised to stay away from it, its most likely a lvl 24 player with a lvl 40 escort. It can be very annoying since the warbanners can be stored in your inventory for a short while. The other issue with pvp is the class balance issues. Allods is VERY dependent on gear, more so than most MMOs. A newly lvl 40 simply can’t take on a even half way geared lvl 40. I don’t want to rant about the balance issues anymore than I have to, I hope you get the gist. Sadly the only way to “duel” people of teh same faction is to go the arena just outside the main cities of the main factions. Hardly anyone is ever there and when there are people there its usualy a guild just controlling the area and ganking other players.

Guilds:8/10: I gave it a high eight for being very useful and open. Most guilds in Allods, contain higher lvl players who are just itching to help their guildies level up. I would highly advise finding a good guild to help you with the hard quests and raid bosses. I would personaly recomend the guilds League Pirates and The Silent Warriors ( Nezeb server ). I know for a fact leveling to level 40 would have taken a lot longer without higher level guild members helping me out.

The Cons of Allods Online

1. A game heavily focused endgame, on pvp, wont satisfy a pvper unless your willing to dump money into the Cash Shop.

2.Allods is plagued with technical issues that can sometimes be very frustrating. Graphic distortment, random disconections, trouble loging in, random characters being deleted, internal errors preventing one from seeing certain letters and numbers etc.

3.The lack of endgame content is obvious in Allods. I hope this will be changed in the future, but as of now, being level 40 can be very boring, unless you have a very active guild and are willing to stay online all day waiting for them to organize something.

4. Upon reaching level 40 I was dissapointed to find out that the top guilds on the server didn’t get their gear without glitching an instance or abusing bugs. Sadly the GMs seem to do little to adress this.

Conclusion: If your looking for a fantasy MMORPG that you can burn your time on for a month then sure play Allods. If your looking for something to be dedicated to and really get into, it would be best to look elsewhere. Cash shop balance in pvp makes it near impossible for someone without it to stand a chance. The current Fear of Death system can be expensive and with the arrival of the new patch, Cursed Items is another way for Gpatato to make more $$$. I decided to quit because all I play an MMO for is endgame pvp, sadly in Allods is lacking too much. I quit in the nick of time, because a few weeks after I quit, my lvl 40 warden and all characters off that server, disapeared. And the GMs did nothing to adress it. If you are a casual gamer who enjoys questing and progression Allods just might be your cup of tea, if your hardcore-ish look elsewhere.

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  1. I_iz_natzter says:

    hmm.. good review. I am not hardcore in games at all, Im sooo mellow, does this mean i will like it?

    thanks! *insert name here*

  2. I_iz_natzter says:

    OH and i also dont really like pvp.



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